Lo-Ki, the crown prince of mischief (kingofidle) wrote in 863_20something,
Lo-Ki, the crown prince of mischief

Amendment 2

So I am not one to really step up on a political soapbox, but the pending vote tomorrow has left me feeling I need to. This assault on your friend's page (sorry for the Florida people and all the xposting I am doing with this) is being executed for the express purpose of getting the truth about Amendment 2 on the Florida Ballot out there. Supporters of it claim that it is going to ban gay marriage in Florida. The truth of the matter is gay marriage is already banned in Florida. The purpose of this bill is that the state wants to decide how YOUR domestic relationship is defined. This bill removes all other domestic relationships that are not state sanctioned marriage from being legal. Basically it states that unless you pay the state for their blessing on your union of living a joint life, you have no rights as a couple be it male and female, female and female, or male and male. This makes it illegal for companies in Florida to offer domestic partner insurance. It makes illegal for a couple living together in a nursing home that promised their dead spouses that they would never remarry to be together should one of them need surgery or have to be in an ICU. This is a hostile act on the part of the state to protect their revenue stream from marriage licenses. I hope you vote no on Amendment 2, but if you choose to vote yes (which is your right as an American), I hope you now fully understand exactly what you are voting for.
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